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ProbateBiz.com provides comprehensive instruction on how to sell probate real estate.

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Thinking about joining ProbateBiz.com?

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Beginning with the Plan Section, you learn how to stand out in the crowded field of real estate agents and investors by offering services that make you unique. Then, in the Prepare Section, you use templates and samples to create your own effective marketing materials targeting probate real estate.

Next, in the Prospect Section, you follow detailed step-by-step Action Plans to find and get probate listings. Then, in the Perform Section, you learn how to provide the awesome real estate services that get you repeat listings. And last, in the Promote Section, you take your probate real estate business to the next level.


Increase your profits when you learn how to sell probate real estate


It takes more than just buying probate leads to become truly successful selling probate real estate. ProbateBiz.com teaches you how to gain the trust and confidence of probate real estate personal representatives, so you can get the exclusive probate listings. You also learn how to develop lasting professional relationships with probate attorneys, so those probate attorneys will always recommend you to their probate personal representative clients. 

Don’t wait! Start today! Join ProbateBiz.com to become a Certified Probate Real Estate Advisor. The skills you will learn on ProbateBiz.com will help you demonstrate that you are the expert in probate real estate where you work, and as a result, you can grow your current real estate business beyond expectation through probate real estate sales.

ProbateBiz.com provides everything you need to learn how to sell probate real estate.

All Memberships Include:

  • 96 Video Lessons
  • 9 Step by Step Action Plans
  • 40+ Letters, Emails, Scripts and Samples
  • 1000+ Tips and Techniques
  • Members only Facebook ProbateBiz page. Interact with other members and post questions for Kim.