Plan Your Probate Business

Video Lessons

Stand out from the crowd

What can you do to stand out from the crowd of the real estate agents and real estate investors? First you must learn the basics of probate code. Therefore, these lessons provide you with a foundation for probate basics. You are on your way to becoming an expert in probate real estate. Then  determine how you want to go above and beyond what the average real estate agent will do. The videos below show how I built my business by providing the personal representative with extra services. I provide support in all areas related to getting the probate property ready to list, listing the property and guiding it through transaction completion.

Learn the Basics to stand out from the crowd

The lessons in this section give you some familiarity with the basics about probate real estate. They provide basic probate vocabulary, terms, and concepts. You can think of this as your probate real estate primer. The more you know about probate, the better you will stand out from the crowd.  In conclusion there is a lesson with guidance about probate courts in jurisdictions other than Southern California.

What is Probate? (5:54)

Independent Administration of Estates Act (IAEA) (2:45)

Notice of Proposed Action (4:07)

Exclusive Right to Sell (1:43)

Probate Code (2:14)

Define Your Services in your business plan

In the following lessons I share my business plan that includes all the valuable services I offer to the personal representative of the probate real estate. I want the personal representative to select me to sell their probate property. I offer these extra when I am the listing agent for the probate property. These services make up a major part of my marketing to prospective probate customers. This is how I stand out from the crowd.

Determine the Services (3:38)

How Support Services Work (3:44)

Inspect Outside (9:25)

Inspect Inside (5:57)

Inspect Carpet and Flooring (3:51)

Inspect Kitchen (3:24)

Inspect Bathrooms (2:22)

Maintain Property (4:31)

Dispose of Personal Property (3:55)

Identify Resources and Constraints (2:32)