In this FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions section we list the most common questions we get about becoming a member on Look through these common questions to see if your question is here and the answer is helpful. If your question is not one of these common questions, send us a note with your question and we’ll provide an answer.

How long will my membership on be valid?

A common question we get about membership is how long it lasts. When you purchase a membership on your membership is valid for the life of the site. Your membership will never expire. You can access the site and all the training content on the site whenever it is convenient for you, as often you as want. There are no limitations on the number of times you access the site or the length of time you spend on the site. However, according to the Terms of Agreement for membership, a membership is valid for one person.

Will I have to pay an annual renewal fee for membership?

Another common question concerns fees. There are no renewal fees or any hidden fees for the use of the site. All the lessons and printed materials are available to the member for the one-time membership fee.

How many times can I view the videos?

You can watch the video lessons as often as you want. recommends you watch them more than once. Often you will hear something or learn something in a second or even third watching that you missed the first time. The videos were purposely designed to be short lessons that cover specific actions that you will take during the planning, preparing, prospecting, performing and promoting of your probate real estate business.

Can I use the letters, scripts, and emails just as they are on the site?

Interested agents ask this common question about the use of materials downloaded from the site. When you purchase a membership on the site you are purchasing the right to all of the materials. Some materials will need to be customized with your business information. Many of them you can use just as they are, if you want to. However, recommends that you make some changes to the content of the correspondences so that they retain the spirit of the message you are sending, but also reflect your own personality and your own business methods. According to the Terms of Agreement for membership, materials from are available for member’s use in his or her real estate business and may not be redistributed or sold.

How do I know what the probate laws are for my state?

The majority of the lessons on deal with strategies for developing a probate niche market. These are applicable across all states.  These strategies include ideas for offering services that set you apart from other agents and investors, how to find and qualify probate real estate leads, how to get the listing, how to set up a systematized process that ensures no important tasks are overlooked, and specific actions for working with the personal representatives and with attorneys to develop trust and long lasting relationships.

As stated on the site and in the Terms of Agreement, the information and instruction provided by the author(s) is based on experience working real estate in California and San Diego County. Some requirements may not apply in other jurisdictions and the lessons that cover those requirements point out there may be differences.  Other states may use different forms or have slightly different requirements or regulations concerning probate. You can check your state website for the probate code and compare the probate code for differences. We provide a checklist with links for all states to the appropriate website to find the state’s probate laws.

I am just getting started in real estate. Is this site only for established agents?

This training is equally valuable for the new real estate agent as it is for the seasoned realtor.  The only assumption about the members of this site is that they have a real estate license, are working toward getting a license or have knowledge of the real estate industry. Someone who has just gotten a real estate license will learn valuable skills for growing their real estate business…whether they are working traditional real estate transactions or looking to start out right away working toward a probate niche.  Someone with a thriving traditional real estate business who wants to add probate to their business offerings will find everything they need to take their business to the next level.

Do I need to take all of the lessons in order?

The lessons in this training are organized in a sequential fashion taking you through the steps for the 5 Ps — Planning, Preparing, Prospecting, Performing, and Promoting.  The lessons build on knowledge gained in earlier lessons. To get the most from all the lessons recommends you take the lessons in order. That said, you are always free to watch lessons that you are most interested in at the time you want to know that particular content. You can jump around with the lesson order and still always get the information needed to do the tasks for that lesson.

Are there monthly dues or fees on this site?

There are no monthly dues or fees for this site. All the lessons and printed materials are available to the member for the one-time membership fee. Everything currently on the site will always be available to members at no additional charge. may in the future develop and market spin-off training products and materials that would be offered to members for an additional price, but would never be required as a condition of continued membership.

Can I access the site from a mobile device?

Yes. is designed to be mobile friendly. You can access the site on mobile devices. You can watch a quick video lesson while waiting in your car for your next appointment to show up. The training is always available at your fingertips.

Where do I change my password?

You can change your password and update other account information at