Prepare Probate Marketing Materials

Video Lessons

Why re-invent the wheel?

Here’s what you need to know about writing and designing your own probate marketing materials. You don’t have to start from scratch! You know you need to create the letters and correspondences to send to representative and attorneys. Why not jump start the process? Use the marketing materials I supply here.  I have helpful documents that I give to the prospective probate representatives when I first meet with them. The marketing materials that I discuss in the video lessons below are all available to our members. Find them here Attorney Letters and Emails, Probate Letters and Emails, and Give-aways. Consequently, as a member you have full access to download, edit and distribute all these proven probate marketing materials. You can quickly get started marketing your brand. Get your name in front of prospective probate representative and attorneys.

Prepare Your Probate Marketing Materials

Probate marketing materials are important in establishing a relationship with probate attorneys and personal representatives of the probate estate. The videos below explain how and why I use the marketing materials that I use. I incorporate my whole philosophy about marketing to probate representatives into each and every correspondence. Before you begin reaching out to probate representatives and administrators, make sure you have everything ready for a sustained marketing approach.  This is how to establish yourself as the expert and grow your own probate real estate business.

Create Probate Real Estate Marketing Materials (5:45)

Create Probate Attorney Correspondences (3:59)

Create Estate Correspondences (3:26)

Create Real Estate Give-aways and Tools (1:19)