Perform Above Expectations

Video Lessons

OK, you got the listing!  Now your goal is to perform above expectations. First of all you do this by providing excellent probate real estate services so you can “WOW” the probate real estate representative and the probate attorney.

Perform Above Expectations Sections

For my clients, I have agreed to supply extra services, therefore I manage them to make sure everything runs smoothly. Then the six Action Plan sections contain the video lessons showing the step-by-step activities my team and I do to perform above expectation.  We communicate with the probate personal representative and the probate attorney throughout the whole transaction. Thus we create happy, repeat customers.

'Manage Agreed Upon Services' Lessons

First of all, in these lessons I discuss how I negotiate the details and then manage the extra services I agreed to supply when I got the listing. Then I explain how I work with the personal representative to make sure we both are clear about the recommendations I have made and how things will get done.

Negotiate Services (6:15)

Court Appearances (1:54)

Report to the Out of Area PR (4:20)

'Prior to MLS Action Plan' Lessons

In these lessons I talk about the actions that my team and I complete before we put the property into the multiple listing service. These “to dos” are listed in the Prior to the MLS Action Plan. As a result I make sure that everything on the action plan gets done, even if the order changes. Then I show you my Welcome Kit and explain what I put in it and why.

Add Probate to Summary Tracking (1:52)

Follow the ‘Prior to MLS Action Plan’ (9:51)

Prepare the ‘Welcome Kit’ (3:06)

'Estate During Listing Action Plan' Lessons

With these videos we pick up at the point where we have done everything to the property to get it ready to list in the MLS. My Estate During Listing Action Plan begins with the task of putting the property into the MLS. I adjust the days that actions take place depending on what else is happening with the property. Also in this section there is a lesson on the Parent Child Exclusion Document that I send to my PRs when the beneficiary is a child of the deceased. And finally I explain about monitoring the 90 day rule. Most of all, this is how I perform above expectations.

Follow the ‘Estate During Listing Plan’ Part 1 (7:32)

Follow the ‘Estate During Listing Plan’ Part 2 (4:00)

Send the ‘Parent Child Exclusion Document’ (2:56)

Monitor ’90 Day – Modification of Terms Doc’ (1:33)

'Attorney During Listing Action Plan' Lessons

The lessons in this section cover the Attorney During Listing Action Plan. This plan includes the important emails that I send to the attorney throughout the listing period. I want to keep the attorney informed of the progress of the probate transaction. I also use these emails to market to the attorney. Consequently, every chance I get, I want the attorney to know how much I am doing for the PR that they don’t have to do or worry about.

Follow the ‘Attorney During Listing Action Plan’ (10:35)

Verify ‘Notice of Proposed Action’ Mailed (4:37)

Obtain Copy of ‘Letter of Administration’ (2:27)

'After Acceptance Action Plan' Lessons

The lessons in this section cover actions I take to negotiate a sales price and get it accepted by the PR. I present some tips and stories for this part of the transaction process. In another lesson I share some of my stories about the court confirmation process. I have lots to say about my After Acceptance Action Plan, consequently I divided that one up into two lessons. But there’s just one plan. And finally, in the last lesson, I give you some specific examples of how I use the Notice to Buyer to Perform document to keep the whole transaction process moving along. Therefore, once again I show how I perform above expectations.

Negotiate an Acceptable Sales Price (4:27)

Court Confirmation (4:41)

Follow ‘After Acceptance Action Plan’ Part 1 (9:22)

Follow ‘After Acceptance Action Plan’ Part 2 (7:39)

Use the ‘Notice to Buyer to Perform’ (3:56)

'Countdown to Closing Action Plan' Lessons

Okay, now you’re on that downhill ride to the close of escrow. My Countdown to Closing Action Plan has the actions my team and I take as we make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and that all parties involved do what they are supposed to do.

Follow ‘Countdown to Closing Action Plan’ (7:32)

'After Closing Action Plan' Lessons

Congratulations! This is the last of the action plans; you’ve reached the end of the Perform section. NICE JOB. In this lesson I talk about my After Closing Action Plan and how the property gets turned over to the buyer and the funds get finalized. And finally, I make sure I have closure with my client.

Follow ‘After Closing Action Plan’ (4:08)