Estate During Listing Action Plan РProbate property is ready to sell

The probate property is ready to sell! You now have the probate real estate property ready to list for sale. Now you need to manage all the details. The Estate During Action Plan is a step-by-step plan that lists the actions I take and the tools I use to let the world know the probate property is ready to sell, to keep the process moving, and to keep the probate personal representative informed all along the way. Using this plan is how I keep my business under control and make sure my process is consistently followed so there is less re-work and less scrambling to get everything done.

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Probate Correspondences – How are we doing?

Once the probate property is ready to sell, it’s a good idea to check in with the probate real estate representative. I want to know how they think my team and I are doing, so I ask them. This is the email I send when I’m following the Estate During Listing Action Plan.

How Are We Doing?
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