Every year, countless individuals from the US face challenges, when their loved ones pass and they suddenly inherit a property in probate. Receiving property is often a fortunate event, but, this form of home comes with the heartache of losing a loved one, and the headache of dealing with the probate court system.These individuals, know as personal representatives, may not simple mourn but must now understandprobate real estate-related rules, tax regulations, real estate and court documentation and more. Personal representatives are often not equiped to handle the workload associated with this type of responciblity, and to top it off, they are often unsure whether the real estate professional they are hiring can handle the job.

If the personal represtative is lucky a Probate Superhero will appear as a savior for them. A Probate Superhero knows the ins and outs of probate real estate, because they are a Cretified Probate Real Estate Advisor (CPREA).

CPREAs are aware of the challenges  personal representatives faces when it selling a probate home, and they knows how to get in contact with personal representatives who are looking to sell the probate property.

So, how do you become a CPREA?

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