In the last few years, the interest of investors towards probate real estate has substantially increased. The reason for this is that investors appreciate the lack of competition in this domain, and that they can often aquire the properties at lower prices.

By becoming a Certified Probate Real Estate Advisor (CPREA), you can give a massive boost to your career. Here’s how…

A regular real estate professional is not aware of the exact procedure needed for real estate transactions with probate properties. Nor are they aware of the forms required to sell such properties.

Real estate professionals have to work for years with someone who’s experienced in this domain, or they can rely on a training program that teaches them ins and outs of the procedures for probate real estate. The latter option is the better option, as it saves agents, like you,time, as well as ensures that no vital point is missed. These factors are not guaranteed in the case of the former option.

A CPREA is preferred by individuals searching for probate real estate professionals. CPREA know how to connect with attorneys and other professionals within the field.

If you rely on the probate training from ProbateBiz, you’ll receive lifetime access to our full training plan, which includes marketing materials, emails, letters, over 90 video lessons, invitation to our members only Facebook page, and upon completion of the program a CPREA designation certification. You’ll also learn how to expand your clientel by strengthening your relationships with probate attorneys in your area.

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