Probate real estate

There are several myths associated with the probate process. As a trustworthy real estate agent, you should ensure that such myths of your clients are debunked. More often than not agents fail to remove the mystery surrounding probate, as they, themselves, aren’t aware of how confusing it can be for their clients. This is why training in probate real estate is invaluable to many agents.

Coming back to the misconceptions surrounding probate, a lot of individuals feel that the probate process lasts for years, or even decades.

After court confirmation is completed, the estate can be closed, and the personal representative can begin distributing assets. Usually, it takes less than a year.

If a delay occurs it is often due to the enormous size of the estate, or an objection from one of the beneficiaries. In the first case, the estate may owe state or federal taxes, thereby making the process complicated. In the second case, a family member may challenge the will, during which time the court might intervene causing a delay in the process at well.

This means the external factors are mainly responsible for the delays. The process, itself, isn’t as lengthy as many believe. Just like these myths, often times people believe that the entire probate process is quite costly. This is also untrue as the costs involved often help ease the work for the personal representative and help to get the largest asset, the house, distributed quickly which in turn saves the estate money, this is where the proper probate training for a real estate agent is important.

A well-informed real estate agent makes sure that his/her clients don’t become a victim due to their lack of knowledge on the subject of probate. An online probate training program can help their agent fulfil this purpose of guiding their clients throughout the entire process.

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